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Is cloning people a good idea?

Yes, we should clone people

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No, we shouldn't clone people

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I have seen this question asked like when a couple looses their baby and wants to replace it with a clone-

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sure, there is no moral reason not to, and if it were to better our gene pool by reducing the incidence of genetic disorders and predispositions i think it could make the world better in the long run. There could be abuses of tech but i think that as long as it is regulated it could work out just fine.

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The question of cloning people and stem-cell research attracts great attention of scientists and causes debates in different societies. People are always wary of innovation in science and medicine and with the development of new technologies in the field of stem cells these fears are enhanced.

From my point of view it is a big opportunity to treat incurable diseases, built new neurons and organs. Every year millions of people suffer and die from the incurable diseases of the brain, heart, liver and kidney, which treatment could become easier with the use of stem cells. According to G. Wert and C. Mummery those cells, which were derived from embryos, have the ability to form cells of adult tissues and could play important role in its recovery and replacement. Therefore, it could be considered as the key to save lives of many serious ill persons and establish control over the development of cancerous tumours, develop efficient treatment of diabetes, infarct, diseases of bones and blood. Besides, as C. Jorgensen, D. Noel, F. Apparailly and F. Sany claim the regenerative potential of stem cells has been considered by scientists for a long time because of their ability to self-renew and specialize themselves to muscle, cartilage and bone recovery

Furthermore, Firstly, for many religious people the possibility of using stem cells depends on the answer to a question when a cell becomes a man. For instance, as K. Hug (2006) reports Protestants, Buddhists and Hindus permit the usage of embryos up to 14 days after fertilization; Jews and Muslims allow using human embryo up to 40 days after fertilization.

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I think diseases can be cured from cloning people and that amputees may be able to grow back limbs from cloning.

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Isn't there already enough people in the world? Overpopulation will only happen faster then... Why do we need to clone humans anyway?

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Nick91983(269) Disputed
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i dont know that more people would be born, it would just mean that some who are born would be clones. there isnt really a need it is just an option. and could ultimately have some good effects. regulation of the process is just the key.

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Canin88(110) Disputed
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But would it actually benefit us? It will just take up more resources.

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I don't think we should as cloning isn't perfect yet and most clones either die early, have extra large organs that do not work or do not survive birth. If we started to clone humans before cloning is prefected many people will be put off it permanently and even if it is perfected people may still be frightened after what happened before

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Cloning is an act of combining two or more DNA and RNA specimens and creating a new but from this animals loose the real sense of them self's by loosing their health,life penalty toward physical activity and may change their organs metabolism,brain intake in knowledge and other things.

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