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Is constructing the Southern border wall still racist?


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No, Biden's building it

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Is defending our borders from invasion a form of racism?

Should we disband our defense forces in case the loony-left, so called progressive Democrats label their existence as R-A-C-I-S-T?

We have now reached such a state of political revolution that the anarchist A.O.C, feels sufficiently emboldened to seriously advocate the dissolution of the nation's police forces.


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The erection of a security wall to help us control our borders never was racist.

The leftist media such as C.N.N., and the New York Times along with the Democrats were successful in tainting the project with racist connotations as part of their campaign of character assassination of Donald Trump.

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This construction of the border wall was never racist to begin with. It wasn't long ago, that the democrats were campaigning on securing our border, building more secure fencing/walls and so on. They just wanted something to whine about and the media at large was all too willing to capitulate to them on it.

Side: No, Biden's building it