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Is the Confederate Flag racist?


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It's anti-globalist but other than that it actually symbolises hatred of the Northern states more than blacks.

Side: No.
AlofRI(3244) Clarified
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It symbolizes the southern states wanting to keep their slaves, while the more educated, liberal, northern states came to the realization that slavery was a crime against humanity.

Yes, Lincoln WAS a Republican! That's why, today, I believe he would have switched parties years ago.

Side: Yes.
instig8or(3308) Disputed
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Lincoln never cared about the blacks, he cared about weakening the South who were trying to split America into two nation-states. He achieved this by convincing the North to unite under a cause they all agreed on; ending slavery. It just happened to be the one thing the Northern states all agreed on which would unite them all to destroy the South and make them surrender before they could split America in two.

Ending slavery was a means to an end. The confederate flag was not about keeping slavery, it was about the south being angry that the northern states had all the political say.

The southern states actually have both the most and the least racist states of USA, California is one example.

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No. It's fabric. A flag, in itself, can't be racist. The people waving it can be but not all are so I still say no.

Side: No.