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Of course, it is Nope.. I LOVE dead celery
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Is the steak you buy at the supermarket ALIVE? How about that stalk of celery?

Of course, it is

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Nope.. I LOVE dead celery

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Actually, I think the celery is. It's still feeding the leaves with what's stored in its root if it hasn't been removed, until they start to wilt from the lack of that sustenance. I guess if both are cut off it's kind'a like it's in purgatory. ;-) The steak is in decomposition, hopefully slowed when it is being kept cold, but, there's nothing "living" about it.

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Chinaman(2984) Clarified
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Democrat believes that celery is alive but how can that be when the CO2 level is too high to support oxygen for Democrats.

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AlofRI(3180) Clarified
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This PROUD DEMOCRAT is not having any lack of oxygen. What bothers me is the YUGE amount of methane coming from the mouths (and other orifices), of Chinamen. Kinda makes one GAG! ;-)

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