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School Officers should not search students


they should

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they shouldnt

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Although it's a minor inconvenience to search students, it could save lives. Think about how many disasters could have been avoided if one or two people were searched.

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Just the backpacks.

At my school, there was a few guy students who was drinking alchol in the lockerooms. They got caught because they checked his backpack. Others brought condoms >__> It was fairly inappropriate >:[

Student seach seizures SHOULD be allowed.

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They should not unless they have probable cause.

I don't find it right that a student doesn't have any rights when he is FORCED to attend a public school. Unless the officer can find probable cause to search a student, it shouldn't be allowed.

We have something called a Constitution, and while voting is something limited to adults, it's for a reasonable reason (not mature enough to make mature decisions). Breaking the law is ALWAYS breaking the law, adult or child. The government having the right to search you is based on whether they have a good reason to do so (probable cause). Whether the individual is a student or adult, it doesn't change the severity of the crime or situation. Therefore, the 4th amendment should still apply to students.

no source since it's an opinion, but I'll just say "The US Constitution".

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The parents should be called to the school and then the school officers can search a student.

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