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Should society prohibit physician assisted suicide?

When it comes to physician assisted suicide, should society prohibit it? After thinking about maybe the possibility of this priviledge being abused by many and on the other hand to end the pain and suffering of the sick, would you vote for or against physician assisted suicide?

Dr. Jacvk Kavorkian recently served an eight year sentence for illegally assisting in a suicide.  His view on the matter is summed up in this quote: 

"My aim in helping the patient was not to cause death. My aim was to end suffering."

Jack Kevorkian

How does societal protection comes in conflict with individual freedom?


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If assisted suicide is legalized... then murder should be to, because they are both equals... it could be said that 15,241 citizen "assisted suicides" happened in 2009... have people forgotten terry chavez... assisted suicide will only open the door to more of cases like hers.

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Terry Chavez's case was so controversial because the issue has yet been unresolved. If it was legal then it would have been no big deal.

Murder of an inoccent victim is different than assisting someone who has expressed the wish to die in order to end or prevent their suffering.

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No. Assisted suicide is for the terminally ill, who have only months to live, and are going to live those few months in unbearable pain, all while accumulating astronomical medical bills.

That Dr. Kevorkian was demonized by the religious nuts, and that he had to serve time in jail is a tragic miscarriage of both the spirit of personal freedoms central to the Constitution, and simple human empathy.

Any who insist upon forcing their own personal beliefs of whether one should live their little life left in misery, due to some misguided, hypocritical, and often fanatical belief is not only missing the underlying messages of that silly book they're always citing, but are also acting in a manner unbecoming of any American.

They are ignoring the "pursuit of happiness" and any allusion to personal freedoms, in favor of superstition and vainglorious self-righteous tomfoolery. If an individual does not want physician assisted suicide, they do not need to pursue it. If only the other side were so considerate of other's right to personal choice.

I sincerely hope there is a future where this ridiculous law is reversed.

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No. If people are absolutely sure that they don't want to live anymore then I have no problem with it. Forcing somebody to continue suffering through life is not right.

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No, if the person has expressed the wish to die we should not persecute those who assist them.

I think it should be a part of someone's living will along with the wishes for life support, DNRs etc.

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If a patient is in great pain and no cure is in sight, a patient should be allowed to die with dignity.

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