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Smart Car Mini Cooper
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Smart Car or Mini Cooper?

Smart Car

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Mini Cooper

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Actually it doesn't matter (but I was forced to pick one so...) because once a big, hulking SUV slams into you you are going to wish you had picked a hummer ;)

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The Smart Car is impossibly small. The Mini-Cooper is small as well but not like the tonka toy the Smart Car is. I'll take the Mini-Cooper built by BMW and take my chances.

Side: Mini Cooper
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Mini Coopers are a whole lot safer! Plus smart cars are tiny (well so is the mini cooper) but the smart car is so small!!!!!!!

Side: Mini Cooper
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I loveeeeeeeee mini coopers!! that is my dream car. smart r so much more dangerous

Side: Mini Cooper

Smart Car is too small and ugly, Mini Cooper is really cool.

Side: Mini Cooper