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The Decimator of Fallacies

I contort conformists
and stick a sword in their organs
adorned with enormous portions
of poison, that turns you orange
orange like your lord and
savior Trump, cause' he's just abhorrent
you're supportin'

a fascist dictator
a spic hater
who licks wankers
the twit payed for
a custom order of ice cream that's dick flavor

I fuckin' hate conservatives
cause' they prefer to live
in the past, whether they're wearin' a cross or burnin' it
 do I wanna hurt em' like Bronto hurt his kids?
I'll be sure to give
em' a left hook for the ribs

I'll blast a fascist
with fat clips
attached to ratchets
my habitat is amassed with
packs of ravenous capitalists
Their tactics
are to laugh at
 the facts as
they practice
the type of semantic magic
tricks you'd expect to find in Hitler's cabinet
these cats are halfwits,
their basket
 cases, their batshit
they have elaborate
stacks of attack tactics they crafted
to combat with
reality, in an attempt refashion it as it
is most convenient for the retainment of upper classes
so they can keep their shafts in your asses
and keep you passive
I'm not gunna have it

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