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Was Imperalism a good thing?

Significant arguments could and have been made that paint Imperialism as a good thing. Pointing out how it has helped almost every country it affected and only negatively affecting a small few that get the focus of attention. Another point shows how all modern terrorism is a result from countries withdrawing from their imperial lands.

Yes it was.

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No it wasn't.

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Imperialism helped a vast majority of every country it took place in. In most of Africa, countries were gain infrastructure, rights, and of forms of civilization that all came crashing down when European nations withdrew from them. The Middle East was kept in check under Britain's thumb, preventing groups like ISIS from rising. European empires stopped the terrorist groups like Boko Haram from rising in Africa until they left. In regard to the American empire, it freed Cuba, stopped industrial slavery in Hawaii, and liberated and further civilized the Philipinos.

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Oh yeah imperialism did Africa a world of good. King Leopold of Beligium only enslaved and killed 10 million Congolese. The Europeans took valuable minerals like gold and diamond from Africa to help them. The Middle East was surely kept in check with fear. Any foreign government in the Middle East that didint bow down to the British was toppled. Case and point Irans democratically elected prime minister mossadegh. He wanted Iran to benefit from its own natural resource of oil so he nationalizes it. And the British along with the CIA planned and commuted a coup d'etat, that let go the shah., which led to today's Iran

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It's only good if it's England doing the colonizing.

Otherwise, I'm against it.


Cheers, mates.

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No. The entire concept that humans own any land or possess anything in this world is false. Because of our territorial nature, we have caused species to go extinct, deforested land on a massive scale, and are on our way to damaging the ecosystem beyond repair. We are so consumed by our own made up policies that we are the most detrimental species this planet has ever seen. The entire concept of imperialism is to claim more land for yourself. It's stupid. We should be smart enough to coexist with all of the other creatures on this planet and eachother without military force or making up stupid laws that don't exist.

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Stravick(32) Disputed
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The absurdity of what you're claiming is quite large, but I'm going to do my best to debunk you sentence by sentence. First, the concept of imperialism is claiming more land for either its resources and/or to enlighten its people, also humans as the sentient beings of this world get to decide what nonphysical concepts do and do not exist. And considering the concept of owning land has existed since farming techniques have existed, it is safe to say owning land is a very true thing to exist in this world.

Secondly, species going extinct can occur naturally as many of the critically endangered species of animals are and there really isn't an issue with deforesting large amounts of land. And quite honestly? It is just silly to think we are doing serious damage to the environment, least of all damage it can't recover from. Nature is incredibly tough and always has and as ways will overcome humans impact on the planet. Nature will survive us, but we might not survive nature.

Lastly, that last sentence is quite frankly Utopian levels of delusion. We shouldn't have to coexist with nature when we could achieve something so much more. Military force is a necessary reality of this world. And laws most certainly do exist.

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wisdumb(77) Disputed
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My claim is large, but so is the topic. I believe that the root of the problem lies with our nature to think we have ownership over anything. Is it feasible for the human race to coexist with the natural world on this level? Not any time soon. But we aren't talking about the how. We are talking about the why. Imperialism is not a good thing at the core of its nature. It comes from the desire to possess. It is the essence of greed.

As far as the extinct species go, I wasn't talking about the species that die off naturally. I am talking about the ones that go extinct by human hand specifically. There are hundreds. Frankly, we think we can do what we want with the world and that is the problem.

There is definitely a major issue with the deforestation of land. 80% of the Earth's land animals live in forests. Deforestation destroys their homes and they cannot survive. It is also a major contributing factor to climate change. Trees release CO2 when they are cut down. I don't want to get too deep into climate change because that is a separate topic. But we are damaging the current ecosystem to the point where there may be another mass extinction. You are correct in that the nature will eventually repair itself, but we wouldn't be here to see it. We would be the cause of our own extinction and the extinction of countless species we share this earth with.

This statement isn't Utopian, it is the reality. Imperialism goes beyond our manmade ideologies. Laws exist in our minds. The animals don't know borders. They don't take resources at the scale that man does. We have no limits to our greed. We MUST coexist with nature. We have no other way to survive. We are symbiotic with nature. What greater achievement are you thinking of? Where does it end?

Military force is absolutely not necessary. We just grew up in a world where we don't know a life without it. How is it necessary to wage war with your fellow man? Over land? Resources? There is plenty for all if we learned to share. We are like mold eating the sandwich on this planet until it is gone and we are all that is left. We take but give nothing. This is the nature of Imperialism. This is the nature of greed.

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i dont believe it was to be honest i believe that caused more problems because the thirst and greed the human being has, it would honestly be a bloodbath for everyone involved and we see this in history books, not just this website. imperialism is not a good thing.

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