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1 point

People refer to these verses because they are in the bible representing their God. Should they be ignored because they are in the OT? If so, why would they be in the bible in the first place? Why are some things in the OT acceptable to quote and other things are not? There's no good reason to disregard these verses. Saying Jesus instituted a new law or something should mean that you should throw out the OT if it doesn't line up with your views.

And yes I have seen many churches teach hateful practices as well as horrible things happen due to religion. There are priests molesting children to this day. There are bigoted statements against homosexuals and hateful protests with signs saying "God hates fags" and such. People practice strange rituals such as Opus Dei in order to cleanse themselves of their sins. Many churches oppress women and don't allow them to be priests or make them wear veils. There are definitely radical christians just like there are radical muslims. And what is the excuse? "Oh those aren't my type of Christianity."

1 point

I would argue the world values power over beauty. Everything revolves around money and control. In fact, beauty is more often sacrificed for the sake of money.

1 point

I already established that you hate science. I pulled your own quotes in front of you. It's clear to everyone. I'm not the delusional one. I don't accept everything that says it is science, but I do accept evolution because there's good evidence for it. I haven't presented you with anything to refute god's existence at all. I was asking for you to present me with evidence for the bible. There's a big difference.

It's not that you reject evolution that bothers me. It's the reasons you reject it. If you made a clear case against it, I might engage you in a light debate. But all you have done thus far is spread your anger and contempt for science. You act like it's just a bunch of wild guesses and that I just accept every article at face value. I study this stuff in depth. I understand it a lot better than you do. There are good reasons behind every point and you have to know enough math and science to get that far. Since you don't understand it, you want to act like I'm the one believing things on a whim. Well guess what, it's the other way around. I can prove my arguments with facts. You cannot.

1 point

The line has to be drawn somewhere. You can't say animals shouldn't have rights because there are people who would abuse them and kill them uncontrollably. But if you give too many rights, then killing a spider would be punishable by death. I think there's a good case for animal rights as long as we plan on coexisting with them on this planet.

1 point

I feel like you want people to go to Hell. I bet you would enjoy being the guy who pulls the switch on the electric chair after reading a quote from the bible.

wisdumb(77) Clarified
1 point

So Jesus only saves you if you read his book? I mean I've read it. It had a pretty good start, but I didn't like the ending much. And I don't remember Jesus going around telling people they were sons of the devil. He seems like a pretty nice guy. I think he says we are God's children and not the devil's.

What are you on this site for anyway? To tell people that you are saved and how much closer to god you are than them? I don't think you understand how to debate.

1 point

I don't think all Christians are anti-science, but there are definitely some who have a thorn in their side about it. There is definitely bad science out there and you do have to have a good understanding to spot it. However, evolution is not bad science. It has plenty of evidence to support it. I would be happy to discuss it because it is one of my favorite subjects. In fact it is probably my favorite scientific subject because it is so fascinating and beautiful. I look at this stuff all the time in my free time.

An orphan gene is typically classifies as a "De Novo" gene meaning "from nothing". It means that the gene of the offspring that isn't inherited from the parent. These genes could arise from several different causes, but typically are caused by a mutation in the parent's genes or the child's developing genes. These De Novo genes are hard to pin down because they usually just die off quickly and are never found again. They pop up in animals and even humans today. A De Novo mutation isn't necessarily an evolutionary advantage. In fact the ones we are aware of usually cause problems (one example is Dravet Syndrome). I don't know how much you know about biology, but mosaic mutations are quite common. A mosaic mutation is basically something that happens during development where large portions of your cells have genes that don't match the rest. Here is an article that talks about it and mentions a bit about De Novo genes.

Mosaic Mutation Article

Gene sequencing is not a perfect process. Most of the time we inherit everything from our parents, but every so often, something pops up like a hidden gene, a disorder, or a mutation. That's just part of nature. Sometimes it works out in your favor, sometimes it doesn't. Have you ever looked up savants? These are people with incredible abilities that aren't inherited from their parents. It is fascinating and you should check it out.

wisdumb(77) Clarified
1 point

There is no over exaggeration on my part. It is very clear you don't understand both the scientific method and the theories you reject. You say I make baseless assertions that you reject what contradicts your worldview, yet you demonstrated it in both your last argument, and the one before. I don't need to prove that you don't understand it because it's easy for anyone to see.

This is you: "And this is where their stupidity approaches religion. Because they cannot explain it is False.

In ancient days should people have said, when they couldn't go to space, that other planets didn't exist?

Yes? Because they didn't have the means? and should conclude that there were no other planets."

"If there was a Big bang indeed all noses, eyes etc of most animals shouldn't all be on the face they should be scattered all over the body.I haven't come to space yet lol"

"(about lightbulbs) Do you know how many inventions have come up in ma head and their's usually ammunition based...... all i need is equipments etc."

You do not see the stupidity in these statements because you clearly don't understand the theories at all. You talk about it like a child.

Evolution and the big bang ARE science whether you want to say they are or not. They are NOT wild guesses. Anything that begins with a theory and has evidence supporting it is science. Some scientists do reject these theories, but the majority do not. Especially those that specialize in the fields that deal with these phenomenon. And the scientists who reject the theory wouldn't go so far to say it is not science. They just don't agree with the theory and come to a different conclusion.

I still call you a science hater because you pretend like it's a wild assertion until you say things like "Science is a baby growing its first tooth" or "Science does not have a means in its lab to explain any personal thing concerning God" or "I don't like science, i like logic... Don't care what the name is, science or sorcery". You show contempt and then question science as if it's an opposing religion. It's evident in your writing. You even go so far as to call scientists stupid. How is this not hatred for science?

When I say EVIDENCE I mean there are things you can literally explore and look at. There are fossils at museums. There is DNA which is the biggest form of evidence thus far. There are microevolutions and bacteria that evolve to resist antibiotics. The genetic codes of certain animals have way too much in common to be a coincidence. There's more than that too. It's literally overwhelming and pretty obvious. Those who reject it not only have to refute ALL of these pieces of evidence, but they need an alternate explanation that holds weight. You can't just call it BS and point to a bible quote. You have to provide an alternate theory. You clearly didn't look at any of this evidence up close. You think Darwin just had an idea and wrote a book. It's obvious by the way you talk about it.

I honestly don't think you really know why the Earth is round. When somebody asks you how you know, you quote the bible. You couldn't prove it otherwise. I hope you at least google it after reading this because you should know.

And you may be able to thrive better in a HUMAN environment than 500 zebras, but put your ass in the wild, and I bet those zebras outsmart you. You would be lunch dude.

wisdumb(77) Clarified
1 point

I would have to disagree that science couldn't help you find God. It's just a method of trying to test something outside of yourself. Humans are prone to error in their thinking, assumption, and even their own senses. That's why I trust in science. It has proven itself to be a very trustworthy method and we must give credit where credit is due. It is responsible for all of the marvels of mankind that you see around you. If it weren't for science, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Lightbulbs, LED's, Computers, airplanes, batteries, climate prediction, medicine, crime investigation, heating, air conditioning, electricity, and so on. All of these things are the result of people using science. It works.

If God is in fact real, I believe he wouldn't intentionally deceive anyone using his creations. In fact, science should be something that works in favor of God. If you go looking for him in nature, he would show up.

It wouldn't bother me to find that God was real. In fact, it would make life a lot simpler because there would be a guide on how to live your life and you would have all of the tools to guarantee an eternity of happiness. But without a god, life is more complicated. Nothing is really clear as far as purpose or morality goes. But would it upset you to find out that there isn't a god? I believe that those who accept god tend to do so because it is more comfortable than facing a reality without one. I can't speak for everyone, but personally, it doesn't bother me either way. I would honestly like to have a good understanding of reality and the truth. So if the truth is that God exists, I would welcome it with open arms. But so far on my journey, I haven't found it to be convincing. But I am by no means finished searching. Plus you have given me a few things to keep my search preoccupied in the meantime.

wisdumb(77) Clarified
1 point

Mmmmmmmmm Sausage......

It looks like you are a self proclaimed Saint already. I would advise you show a little humility instead of going around acting like you are already saved.

I've got one thing to say to you. WWJD? Hint: He probably wouldn't be calling people stupid and condemning them to Hell.

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