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Which Country Do You Fear The Most vis-a-vis Nuclear Attack?

North Korea, Iran or Pakistan?

The attack could be on the USA but not necessarily. North Korea has the equipment and Pakistan is ready. Iran will be ready in about two years. Which do you think might attack us or smaller countries within their own regions?

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I think we will be attacked by Iran, because we support Israel and Iran hates Israel. The president claims that the Holocaust never happened, those words spark some concern.

I agree nicsones, it does bear concern and watching. I know Iran is not ready and hopefully never will be but I'm keeping my eye on Pakistan though. There is much going on there now and we have much to do to stabilize that area. There is still so much that can go wrong. I saw a News interview the other day that also names Pakistan as the country to watch. I didn't save it but will look for it again and post if I can find it.

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As I said does NOT have to be the USA!

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I believe Iran will first attack Israel, but since we are Israel's strongest ally, and vice versa, we'll also be in that line of fire.

Pakistan is an incompetent government, but not our enemy. they're a bunch of corrupt assholes, and they need a smack to the face, but i highly doubt them nuking anyone, especially the USA.

North Korea has proven to be quite capable of trying, but they're also a bunch of failures. We should leave Kim Jong Il to, as Dick Cheney would put it, "The Dark Side". Fuck the Geneva Convention.

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Pakistan. Without a doubt.

Side: Pakistan
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North Korea is the only country crazy enough to push the button I think. Not sure who they'd be trying to hit, Kim Jong will probably get a map and throw darts at it or something.

Pakistan has a bunch of crazy people, but a pretty reasonable gov.

And Iran has a bunch of pretty reasonable people in it (I think a majority actually, but I haven't seen the numbers, kind of like the West) but a crazy gov.

Only North Korea has that deadly mix of a crazy leader, and a people that only know what that crazy leader lets the media tell them.

Side: North Korea
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the people of Iran are reasonable people, but they are oppressed by a tyrannical maniac. He is a threat, but i think Israel has more to worry about than we do when it comes to Iran.

your explanation is good though, N. Korea is pretty fucked up, and the people there do w/e the government tells them (like take a shit on their own lawn)... they don't even have the sense to revolt (especially since he does what Castro does by imprisoning and torturing anyone with different political points). We need a special ops approach though; assassination.

Pakistan has a pussy government, so they're just the fuck ups who we don't need to worry about.

Side: North Korea

There's something about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that I do not fear and that is his intentions toward the USA. Although I realize he is critical of the Bush regime, I do not think he wishes an altercation with us. Recently he said he was looking forward to working with President-elect Obama after his Inauguration. I do not think he is evil and believe that anything he does is going to be accomplished in his own region, Israel included! He knows full well what would happen if he dared take that approach but he has called for further representation of Palestine and free elections in the region since he does not see Israel as representative of the entire region. I cannot wholly disagree with him on the subject.

Supporting Evidence: Wikipedia Profile (
Side: Pakistan

It is now 2015 and Kim Jong-un is a lunatic dictator so I fear that he may be the one to send a missile to the United States.

Side: Pakistan
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definitely north korea, cant trust those bastards for a second

Side: North Korea