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 What is your mission in life? (8)

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What is your mission in life?

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I had one, once. It was a little bit impossible. But my new mission is to get at least 37 points on the IB, become a black belt in jiu jitsu and get a doctrate in environmental sciences.

Ph.D in Theoretical Physics, then I plan to spend like 45-50 years in research. In the mean time I would like to find some tolerant soul mate, do a lot of hiking, build an awesome log cabin and live in there until my conscious existence ends.

Really? I mean..., REALLY!!! Do you even need to ask ;)

For me, I would first want to graduate Medicine school then I would like to establish my own Health lab in which I could hire health professionals to perform laboratory procedures. If all goes well, then I would also like to develop that Health lab into a hospital so that I may be able to help more people.

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Id like to be a doctor, a high ranking doctor in a hospital. Then I'd like to establish a hospital for heart patients with free operation. Then Id like to find a good husband. And I mean a patient one, who'd understand me.

To have a good support system and to just establish good relationships with everyone in my life overall, as much as I can.

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one of my main goals is to invent the most magnificent devices for the 21st century of people to gaze upon, maybe even 22nd century. I want to create things that have absolutely never been created before, nor even thought of before. I already have a few schematics that i have created for some of my devices, they are very complex and i certainly would not want to explain them on here. The only thing i'm lacking now are the proper parts, so i will just have to build them, i do have electrical engineering skills and computer skills after all.

To be happy in life and to make others happy. I want my smile to perform a chain reaction.