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Why Would The Right Wing Be Trying To Con You Into Believing Hitler Was On The Left?

I think one thing is absolutely clear.

The American right wing does not tell the truth very much.

Con artists

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The Myth: Adolph Hitler, ................. was a socialist.

The Truth: Hitler hated both socialism and communism and worked to destroy both. Nazism confusing as it was, was based on RACE and fundamentally different from "class focused" socialism.

He rounded up Jews, along with every socialist he could find as well. He hijacked the socialist name as "national socialism", based on his "super race".

Facts is facts. ;-)

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"I have put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun", adding revealingly that "the whole of National Socialism" is based on Marx.

Adolf Hitler Socialist

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adding revealingly that "the whole of National Socialism" is based on Marx.

Fake quote. Banned.

Real quote:-

"In the years 1913 and 1914 I expressed my opinion for the first time in various circles, some of which are now members of the National Socialist Movement, that the problem of how the future of the German nation can be secured is the problem of how Marxism can be exterminated.[108]"

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Later in his seminal tome, Hitler advocated for "the destruction of Marxism in all its shapes and forms".[109]

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