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Will there ever be a credible third party candidate for president?

We need more choices?


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Third party candidates will be viable when people think they are viable and not wasting their vote. Nader got almost 3% in the 2000 election, but if people really got fed up with the politics as usual, we might see an outsider with good ideas who actually gets a large chunk of the vote. The main problem with voting for the outsider is the 2000 election painted Nader as the spoiler who made the Republicans win, so more people vote strategically than for who they really want to win.

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I'm really not sure if there could be because of the amount of money being spent by the two major parties but I wish we could get more than just two. Give me republicans, green, democrat, libertarian, hell even Communists(maybe not). Just give more options because I for one, unless McCain picks a good VP, don't think Ill vote this election.

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