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yay, no government! I require authority.
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Would Anarchy work in a perfect world, or even in modern world?

Could the lack of government and law ever have a positive outcome?

yay, no government!

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I require authority.

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I think even a world with slightly less psychos could have anarchy.

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In a perfect world, yes. In the modern world, no. The vacuum of power is too quickly filled by those who hunger for dominance. This could be prevented by a powerful, intelligent and conscientious populace but we don't yet have that. Interestingly, "Bitcoin Jesus" is currently negotiating with several countries to buy $100Mn+ worth of land to start an anarchist state (Source 1). If he is successful, given the type of person that will be attracted to purchase land there, there is a chance that it could work out favorably.



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Perfect world scenarios are pointless hypotheticals. If anarchy is perfection then de facto it must work in a perfect world or the world is not perfect. If anarchy is not perfection then why do we care that it works.

Anarchy as a political model in reality is unsustainable; because it is opposed to structure it cannot prevent the accumulation of power by individuals which produces states.

Anarchy as a personal practice in various forms does work. It's an applied philosophy, and so long as the person wants to live by it and it does so then it's working.

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Anarchy would work only if human beings weren’t human beings. As a human being, I find that world less than perfect. So no, anarchy would not work in a perfect world or any other world where humans are humans.

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