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Wrestling WTF is it

Soap opera for the retarded

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A real sport

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I dont understand the fascination that overweight, wall mart T-shirt wearing mid western people have for this facade of a sport

It is not realistic - The fighting has no style (like eastern fake "marshall" arts at least have) - It is badly acted - the characters have fewer dimensions than He-man - and it lacks all credability as anything else than sub-consicious homo-erotic muscle-ballet

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Every time I flip through the channels and I catch a glimpse of Wrestling I feel like I have lost I.Q points. But it does make me want to eat a Slim-Jim.

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This was one of the funniest episodes ever, and I couldn't summ it up better than these guys. So, enjoy...


South Park W.T.F.
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Not sure why people enjoy this garage. Could not agree with you more. First, WWE is staged, which mean scripted. Second, everyone takes steroids. Third, it is a glorified soap opera integrated with fake wrestling.

The video is hilarious.

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It's just a big company that wants to get money.

I mean it is fake no doubt.

But come on I bet these guys "Fake" wrestling are making MORE money than any one of you on here in your entire life time.

The WWE is a multi-billion dollar industry..everyone in it is rich.

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Oh I know it isn't real..., but those midgets and the cat fights are awesome dude ;)

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haa.. what a retarted sport.. wresteling.. i mean it was okay when you were 7 but when your 30? seriously?

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It is much more a sport than others. It takes skill and stamina, it teaches the value of the one - something that team sports are in lack of.

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PungSviti(552) Disputed
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"it teaches the value of the one"

what are you talking about? - Is that Matrix quote? You know that movie was not a true story. And "the force" doesnt exist either

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TERMINATOR(6779) Disputed
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I've never watched Matrix, and I don't like Star Wars. What I meant was that Wrestling is 1 on 1, which teaches the participants self-reliance and not to count on others, like in team sports.

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Although WWE is rigged, it is a Sport but mainly for entertainment purposes.

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