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racial profiling vs. some cops are just a-holes

Racial profiling is a real problem, there's a million stats that show that cops of all colors target civilians of darker color. But is it racial profiling everytime a minority runs into a cop who's just kind of a d!ck?

Henry Louis Gates Jr. is a well known scholar with multiple well-deserved awards. He was approached by an officer for breaking into his own home, and I guess the officer either did not like his attitude, or Mr. Gates was really making a ruckus, because even though it was his own home he eventually proved, he was arrested for disturbing the peace.

This is odd, because it is extraordinarily difficult for an elderly gentleman to make enough noise to "disturb the peace," in any situation I think, but this is near a college, with frats and all.

The cop was in the wrong obviously, and charges were dropped. But is this a case of racism? Or just an a-hole cop?

There's no way to know for sure obviously, but I'm curious about your opinion.

yes, it's as bad as they say

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no, some cops are just a-holes

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Let me start by saying that some cops are assholes. Wait, most cops are. The only time I've ever appreciated them was when my roommate passed away. The cops that came to investigate were very kind and understanding, not your typical dicks at all.

That being said, I think racial profiling is real and as bad as they say. A few examples:

In Detroit, police killed a black man holding a remote control, saying it looked like a gun. In Arkansas, they shot a black man holding a hairclip. In Chicago, a black woman carrying a spatula. In Florida, a black man holding keys.

Andre Burgess, a 17 year old black male, was shot by federal agents when carrying a candy bar that was mistaken for, you guessed it, a gun.

And let's not forget Amadou Diallo, a black man shot and killed in NYC in 1999, when four officers fired 41 rounds into him, having mistaken his wallet for a gun.


In an investigation done in 2007, of fatal police shootings in the ten largest US cities, a few things emerged. First, African Americans were overrepresented among the total in almost every city. Second, in three cities, New York, San Diego, and Las Vegas, the percentage of black people killed was almost double their share of the total population.

I won't argue that police shouldn't defend themselves or that all the victims of these shootings were innocent, by any means. But the fact that they are criminals is no excuse for excessive force, which should only be used in the most extreme of circumstances.

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BasicLife(9) Disputed
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Let me start with saying you should get more educated on this subject. Out of all those incidents how many of them were pointing the object at them making it look like they have a gun? Are you 100% sure it wasn't suicide by cop? Are you 100% sure all those people were not mentally ill? Are you 100% sure about all the things you stated? About the race, I'm just saying that any body can be a criminal, just because more African Americans are being shot by police does not mean cops are "racial profiling". Racial Profiling is a joke, it doesn't even exist. Sure there is "Racism" but not "racial profiling". How can a cop tell what your race is when you are going past him 10 - 20 MPH over the speed limit? or through your "illegal" tinted windows? Best yet, how am I supposed to "Racial Profile" when I see people pointing at you saying "he's the man that just robbed me" or "he's the man that just hit me"? Even better, how am I "Racial Profiling" when I'm looking into a crowd and YOU'RE the one who is acting suspiciously (IE: keep looking around nervously, hands in your pockets, walking like you got something big in your waistband, hanging around a known drug corner)?

People have it out for cops for no reason. That is a fact. Police Officer's have families that they would like to see at the end of their shift. So if you are just walking down the street at night and someone comes up to you trying to rob you with something "black" or "silver" in their hand and you cant make out what it is but they are using it as if it were a gun, what would you do?

Cops being assholes? Most Cops being assholes? When is the last time you had a bad day at work? Maybe they are being a little bit rude to you because someone just yelled at them, calling them every name in the book for giving them a speeding ticket that they clearly deserved. When in fact, it's just you thinking the cop was rude for not letting you go with a warning.

To finish it off, by what most people are saying with "Racial Profiling", in that sense, it would be fair for every Caucasian that gets pulled over by a Hispanic, Chinese, Mong, African American, Japanese, etc. Police Officer, that they too have the right to say "you only pulled me over because I'm white".

Officer cleared in Toy Gun Shooting
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Consequently, what kind of prompted me to start this aside from the Gates case,

believe it or not my aprartment was raided at 2am on Saturday, while I was arguing on this site as a matter of fact.

I was sitting at my comp, arguing about the rebel flag and watching science channel, when I heard the loudest knock ever.

I, in my boxers and b-day suit, answered the door, immediately I had several flashlightes blinding me, and 1 of about 10 of LVMP's finest yelling at me "WHO ELSE IS HERE!" "ON THE GROUND!" "WHO ELSE IS IN THE APARTMENT!"

fun stuff.

Well, I guess a neighbor had heard some yelling or something, and believed someone's life was in danger, and of course gave the cops the wrong apartment.

Thing about a call where domestic violence may be involved, I even as innocent and shocked as I obviously was, have exactly 0 rights. They went through my apt legally and without a search warrant, messed a couple things up and grilled me for about 20 minutes before deciding that they really did have the wrong guy.

again, fun stuff, especially when you're almost naked, though one of the cops was a female and a little cute, didn't think it was the best venue to ask for a date though.

I was thinking a couple things once they left (no apology by the way, they just kind of left, ah good old LVMP)

1. LVMP if anyone doesn't know, is notorious for killing people who it turns out later didn't do shit, I may have been a sudden movement or a bebe gun on the bed away from being dead right now.

2. they could have easily taken me downtown anyway and just made something up.

Then when the Gates case came up,

3. If I were not white, would I have assumed all that unnecessary harassment was because of the color of my skin?

4. If I were not white, would they have just taken me downtown anyway and made something up?

Like maybe disturbing the peace?

I don't know,

but I think some cops are just a-holes.

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First off; yes some cops are a-holes.

Just like some doctors, layers, business men, burger king employees, you name it are a-holes.

They're EVERYWHERE! (;

But cops being a-holes can cause some serious B.S. even death.

Now about the yelling, where you so frustrated at the people in the debate that you disturbed the peace by screaming and got the cops called on you? ((; jkjk

#1 & 2 That sucks. It sounds to me like LVMP needs some serious changes.

#3 Probably, in that case that would be one of the quickest shortcuts to "I'm a victim", which is only human. Not that you weren't a victim don't get me wrong that's some serious B.S.

#4 Depends on the cops, I hope not.

I would put more blame on the idiot that gave the cops the wrong apartment number.

After all, for all the cops knew you could have been some crazy murderer. It's their job to assume that, then investigate.

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I agree completely. And I'm the last one to ever blame the cops, they have a terrible job, deal with the biggest a-holes imaginable all day everyday, and hear nothing but lies from the very people they are trying to protect for the most part.

It definitely originated with whoever called in the wrong address, but I can't imagine it took them more than 5 minutes to realize they were in the wrong place,

lol, literally, it's 3 rooms big, and what are the chances a battered woman was hiding in my video collection or dresser drawers? And it's not like they were asking either, they were very confident I was "full of shit." Then once they couldn't find a cowering woman in my closet or whatever they're looking for, they start asking about steroids and checking me for needle marks... kind of embarrassing.

Anyway though,

1. The first 5 minutes I had no problem with, they were doing their job, and I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it's a small price to pay if say my sister or something is a victim of domestic violence, I would want the same response.

2. After all that at 2am, is an apology too much to ask? lol, 10 of them! not a single thank you, or sorry to bother you, they just left. Oh well, maybe I'm on a watch list somewhere, though I've never been arrested for anything ever, and my illegal actions in my adult life consist of smoking weed maybe half a dozen times, whatever.

I think you would be a good cop Jake, you ever consider that? Yeah, you have the right attitude, and you don't seem like you'd be one of those guys who'd go on a power trip.

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I probably would have been shot since I take a Mossberg 500 with me to answer the door just in case something stupid is about to happen. Especially at night sense nobody comes over that late.

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Most cops, NOT ALL, are a-holes. Funny that it happened to you, because this morning it happened to me too, but not as extreme as you.

Sheriff's deputy knocked on the door, started acting like a total dck. Apparently, my father was involved in some sort of a car accident. Although my father was at fault, the deputy made it seem as if my father was guilty immediatelly. Deputy's approach and behavior was rude and when I asked him to be more polite, he really got pissed off. After 10 min, another deputy arrived. The second deputy was, however, very polite and calm. On the side, I asked the second deputy how come I would get a ticket for a California Stop when I have seen many police officers do the same thing. He just laughed and didn't respond.

So, not entire police/sheriff deputy is a-hole personality. For example, when I got pulled over for a traffic violation back in my young days, 2 highway patrols were rude (and caucasian). However, when I was pulled over by an African-American police officer, he was very polite and not an a-hole. perhaps just a coincidence, I don't know.

In conclusion, certain police/government officials have this power trip up their a-hole and think that they are righteous and can't do no wrong. I think that it is the a-holes like that that give the rest of the law enforcement a bad rep.

Side: no, some cops are just a-holes

Like every person is not racist, not every cop partakes in racial profiling. There are assholes everywhere; luckily, actually, all of the cops I've been involved with have been pretty cool, despite some of my drunken 15-year-old antics and yelling. (I have a good history with the police.)

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TODAY, I saw a Sleepy's truck pulled over in my town (which is in a very white area). The cop was at the passenger door like normal on a busy road, but there was another cop across the street and I saw another squad car coming up from the other direction. Did I mention that the two people in the truck were black and that any time a white person is pulled over it's just the one cop and a quick ticket?

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Nichole(689) Disputed
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Well, you have no better grounds to know if that was a racial issue or if those black guys are perhaps, listed fugitives.

It does sound racist, but blacks DO have a higher rate of unlawful behavior. There have even black men admitting to it.

Therefore, I think cops, (not all, but some) use the facts to determine what they might have to deal with when they come in contact with a white man, vs. a black man, and even vs. a Mexican. I mean, shit, blacks may be more likely to pull a gun on you and drive off, but Mexicans are more likely to start running like hell (back to the border, hehe). Like, I said, this doesn't apply to every cop or every man of any race or color, but it's pretty much statistics.

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MKIced(2510) Disputed
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It's true that i didn't know the story behind it all, but I just found it strange because I have never seen cops in my town pull over a white person and do that- not ever. I hate the cops in my town though! :p

I like the NYPD. They're cool.

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I'm inclined to question if society fears people of colour because

the majority class lacks "kinetic con-fi-dance" especially the all to sensitive caucasian male.

this culture is what you term a conflicted culture(fear based).

people of colour mostly come from confidant cultures(self-assured).

Women Rhule!

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Of course some cops are assholes. Just how some computer technicians are assholes and how some Wal-Mart employees are assholes.

Why? Because the world is filled with assholes. I guess the main reason why cops are displayed in such a negative light is because they have authority over all of us, and Americans are naturally rebellious towards authority (see American Revolution).

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