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whats the worst cuss word

i dont witch 1


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sthis is the wort i could think of so do think the same i hope i did well enogh god i hate these 50 letter minimum

Side: FU#$

There are 2 worst cuss word, Mother [email protected]@ker and [email protected] Sucker. Although the word MILF has taken the edge of the first one ;)

Side: FU#$
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I think the C Word is the worst. It's like, you learn about the F word and then you hear the C word and it just blows that away. But, I'd have to say the F word is much worse than the S word. For blatant reasons.

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yah, the C word is crossing the line, unless you have a GOOD reason. I think the F word is the BEST cuss word. Beware, this is graphic....well, verbally

The F word
Side: The C Word
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words are tools that people created to communicate with each other. I think that all of them are there for a reason and it all depends on how you use it.

Side: SH^$

Fu^k is my favorite word in the whole word but there is one that sends me to the stratosphere when I hear it and it's only directed at's CU^T. The most disgusting thing you can call any woman or anyone.

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Why is fuck bad and having sex ok? Why is cunt bad and vagina OK? The whole thing is simply ridiculous. It all means the same thing.

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