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Mangojuice's Reward Points: 148

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5 Created Debate CNN to now focus on ''truth'' and ''facts''
5 Created Debate Democrats help China create viruses, one gets loose, now want your vote
1 Added Argument Is political correctness simply an authoritarian censorship tool?
2 Added Argument If you don't want your 7 year old kid, should you be able to kill them legally?
2 Added Argument Republicans found Trump innocent twice. This time he's gonna be tried by all Americans.
1 Added Argument Project Veritas releases proof Fauci lied to Congress concerning Wuhan lab leak
2 Created Debate Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations - doctor on CNN
3 Created Debate CNN staffer says network played up COVID-19 death toll for ratings
1 Added Argument Liberals run the colleges yet never gave NIL money to black athletes as they got rich
3 Created Debate Why does the trend continue of more Dems switching to GOP than vice-versa
1 Created Debate Did all of the psychopathic measures rid us of Covid
1 Created Debate Justice Sotomayor says 100,000 kids are on ventilators. It's actually in the hundreds

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