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cownbueno's Reward Points: 407

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1 High Rated Argument 100 Reasons Why Evolution is Wrong
1 Added Argument When will the U.S. get "Tired of Winning"?
1 Added Argument Is There Really a Distinction Between Humans and Nonhumans?
1 Added Argument If God/angels visited you face to face would it even really matter?
1 Added Argument Xanax may help you out with anxiety and panic disorders
1 Added Argument Some atheists are just obeying mum and dad
1 Added Argument Atheists are completely full of it on this issue
10 Added Argument Do we need guns in America
1 Added Argument If a woman hates misogyny, Atheism isn't 4 u, Christianity is
1 Added Argument Liberals hate that Trump talked about Easter, Christ and the Resurrection
7 Added Argument Women prefer Conservative men
1 Added Argument Democrat Tina Podlodowski wants to register "New Voters at Birth"

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