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Liberals hate that Trump talked about Easter, Christ and the Resurrection

Trump Delivers Epic Easter Address… Libs Hate What He Slipped In

President Donald Trump shocked the entire world with an Easter message so poignant and powerful, and so completely different from anything uttered by President Barack Obama during his eight years in power, that it had grabbed the attention of friend and rivals alike.

In the address delivered Friday, Trump, of course, spoke about the Christian Easter holiday and acknowledged God’s power throughout history.

But he also used biblical examples to back up his statements, first choosing to talk about the Jewish feast of Passover as a celebration of God’s deliverance of the Israelites in the Book of Exodus then leading up to the challenges America and the world face in our own day.

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What a difference it is to once more see speeches from our President whose message was once common place in America.

Liberal Democrats are the most intolerant closed minded bigots to ever come to power in America.

Can you imagine how far America's conscience has fallen to not be outraged at the many anti Christian statements made by Obama.

Obama condescendingly said Americans cling to God and guns.

He said Christians were hypocrites lacking love for others.

He compared Christianity to these Islamic terrorists.

This is how Liberals think. They are truly anti Christian bigots who have purposely censored so many of our freedoms of religious expressions from public places. Their insecurities are trying to silence our nation's majority faith and Christian heritage.

These same pious Liberal hypocrites dare to speak of lack of love when they themselves support No Restriction abortions of viable unborn babies for any reason.

Liberals love one thing and that is the power to force others to bow to their political correct mandates.

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I'm not one to say that all liberals are alike. There are actually a few that I respect and admire...Because they are NOT LEFTISTS. I have no real problems with blue collar Democrats. But this new breed of Democrats is comprised of every sort of evil, vicious and self serving scumbag; who have been the cause of demise of countless cultures throughout history. I believe they call themselves Progressives now. Different name. Same scumbags. Make no mistake. They are evil. Their ultimate goal is to enslave everyone to their way of thinking. Through force, if necessary. Enough said.

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You are of course correct. Thankfully we had enough Americans to understand this simple fact when electing Trump.

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I don't think it "shocked the entire world".

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I'm not really a full blown lib, but I can say it just looks weird, nothing more, nothing less.

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Only people I've seen complain are the far-right complaining about non existent liberals complaining.

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So the Women's March with one million women dressed as female parts and wearing hijabs never happened.

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Is it they hate that he talked about Christianity, or is it that they hate that a man who lives his whole life so utterly non-Christian (thievery, lieing, arrogance, womanizing, corruption, greed) has the nerve to pretend he is what he isn't?

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I read the article and they showed no evidence of any liberal backlash for this. So what the hell is their evidence for "libs hate what he slipped in"? None whatsoever. Because nobody cares. Easter is a christian holiday. Of course theyre going to bring up jesus.

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Couldn't care less to be honest. Nobody was shocked. Nobody cares.

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The people in the article seemed to care, and they were liberals.

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AveSatanas(4433) Disputed
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Did you even read the article? It doesnt reference a single liberal persons reaction. It says what trump said in his address then goes on to bitch about obama for half a page. So what people are you even referring to?

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