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RSS AntiBurrito

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You are just absolutely farcical pal. If Orwell didn't go to Germany until 1945

You said he never went to Germany. Your quote is provided above.

The same Communists you are trying to convince us were on Hitler's side.

Some Communists were on his side. Russian Communists were on Russia's side, especially once he invaded them rather than when he helped them take over Poland.

I didn't know Orwell had been to Germany

And despite this fact, you said he never had. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.

1 point

In other words, the pollsters COULD have fixed their mistake

They don't know how to fix the mistake.

1 point

ROFLMAO. You do not even understand why they are called variables, do you? Ahahahahaha! This is absolutely priceless.

You didn't answer the question.

1 point

In a different election, against a different candidate, involving different polls.

We are looking at the exact same groups doing the polling. And these exact same polls were off by a mile in 2016.

1 point

so being down by 2 means you win greater.

ROFLMAO. You clearly don't have even a basic grasp of how math works, do you?

Tell me what the only constant variable is in this equation is.

1 point

There is no math between two unrelated variables

Everyone in America knows the reason the polls are always wrong in the direction of Democrats is that they don't go poll Conservative areas. They poll some place like Austin.

1 point

There is no math between two unrelated variables you offensively mad little idiot. If you are suggesting that math says the person losing in the polls is the one going to win then it is because you are a fucking idiot.

No, the math is, he was down by 5 and won, so being down by 2 means you win greater. It's funny that you can't do preschool deduction.

0 points

Yeah, the polls were WAY off last time.. But, I'm thinking that they FIXED that mistake.. What? You don't??

Why would I believe fake lefist polls that are always off by double digits and are off by the same amount this time?

Rasmussen was the closest last time. They have Biden up by less than they had Clinton up by. Good luck with that.

1 point

Biden ahead of Trump in the polls

Rasmussen had Clinton up by 5, yet she lost. They have Biden up by 2. You do the math.

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