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Spoiler alert:

The Christian God doesn't exist. Perhaps some other God exists out there, but not the Christian one- he's too morally bankrupt. You should have noticed this, if you had a developed sense of morality.

1 point

at the very least can be in public without flaunting his lifestyle, so it is puzzling to me why you would have as much sympathy for the homosexual as for the black man.

There is a characteristic that homosexuals fit, just like there is a characteristic black people fit. It'd be oppressive say that homosexuals must hide their true selves in society. Seriously, that shit leads them to suicide.

Black people are suffering more at the low point of their persecution than homosexuals were at the high point. Your comparison is completely invalid.

My comparison was about historical context. But you still cannot deny the discrimination homosexuals have faced in the past, and the fact that thousands were targeted in the Holocaust. Do they not deserve a break?

Blacks have lower incomes in general because their rights were obviously restricted up until late- skin color making them beacons for discrimination.

And if homosexuals have higher incomes, education and lower unemployment, why would you want them removed from society if they contribute more to the world? Would it not be in God's greater interest for society to flourish?

1 point

Should society ever be ready for that? If it is wrong today isn't it also wrong in the future? Do we not have good reason to ban those kinds of marriages today?

We don't have good reasons to ban those kinds of marriages.

And what is wrong today will change in the future.

Keeping African slaves wasn't deemed as wrong as it is now. Stoning people to death wasn't deemed as wrong as it is now. Society's views of morality are ever-changing.

It is not wrong simply because it produces inbred children, it is wrong because it violates our nature as well as the laws of God, just like polygamy, just like bestiality, just like transsexualism, just like homosexuality.

A “sin” is whatever a religion decides to label as a taboo action (like eating pork) and nothing more—just because something is a “sin” it does not mean that that action is immoral or something that can be made illegal in secular law. Homosexuality has no detrimental affect on society.

Actually, we should be more concerned with hate crimes of sexual-orientation bias, of which occur in 20.8% of hate crimes. Some of God's law are dated and morally bankrupt. My morals are developed enough to see this. Are yours?

They are all in the same boat, you can not enable one group without giving weight to the arguments of all the others.

Gay marriage consists of consensual adults, whereas pedophilia and necrophilia do not, leaving gay people on a slightly different boat.

And for the record, no one is getting in the way of a homosexual's right to happiness. They can have all the relationships they want. They can do whatever kind of commitment ceremonies they want to do. What they don't have a right to is public endorsement of their lifestyle. They don't have the right to make someone go photograph their "wedding" or make someone bake them a cake. They don't have a right to tax breaks and rights that the public willingly gave to married heterosexual couples.

Homosexuals are still not permitted to be as happy has heterosexuals. You cannot deny their higher suicide rates, and their general contempt for being denied equal rights.

If you could just put yourself in their shoes, that would truly be a godly thing to do.

1 point

Because society isn't ready for that.

There shouldn't be anything morally wrong for two (or more) consenting, sexually mature adult siblings to get married. They just lack the usual repulsion of having sexual relations with a sibling, like a gay man lacks the usual repulsion of having sexual relations with another man.

Our personal repulsion of sibling sex should not get in the way of their rights to achieve happiness.

After all, Noah's children and Adam and Eve's children practiced incest to multiply.

The only fear of incest couples, should be the conception of a genetically mutated, inbred child, but adoption will always be an option.

1 point

You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew.

1 point

Gay marriage involves two consensual adults- adults of which are sexually mature and completely voluntary in the act of marriage.

Children are NOT consensual adults.

Dead people are NOT consensual adults.

Sheep are NOT consensual adults.

Robots are NOT consensual adults. (However, if AI becomes a reality in the future, why not?)

1 point

You know the word 'faggot'? The word faggot really means a bundle of sticks used for kindling in a fire.

Now, in the middle ages, they used to burn people they thought were witches, and they used to burn homosexuals too, and they used to burn the witches on a stake.

But they thought the homosexuals were too low and disgusting to be given a stake to be burned on, so they used to just throw them into the kindling, with the other 'faggots'.

You might wanna know, that every gay man in America, has probably had that word shouted at them being beaten up. Sometimes many times. Sometimes by a lot of people, all at once. So, when people say it, it kind of, brings it all back up- much like the word 'nigger'.

2 points

A man is a person. An other man is a person. A dog isn't a person.

1 point

Statistically, women tend to take supporting roles, rather than leadership roles in their career choices.

We need leaders and supporters for society to function- leading is equally as important as supporting.

Leading is a masculine trait.

Supporting is a feminine trait.

Women birth and nurture children, this demonstrates supporting traits.

Women in leading positions tend to be more masculine women.

Women in leading positions are known to wear shoulder-pads to appear more powerful and intimidating.

Broad shoulders are a masculine trait.

Masculinity is not femininity.

Leadership kills off feminine compassion.

Compassion is valuable.

But lacking compassion is valuable when dealing with conflict.

Leadership involves dealing with a lot conflict.

Men's psychology and biology was molded to deal with conflict.

Women's psychology and biology was molded to harness what separates us from robots- empathy, compassion, etc.

These are strict generalizations but they hold truth.

There are submissive, emotional men and dominant, unemotional women- but you can say that these submissive, emotional men demonstrate feminine traits, and that these dominant, unemotional women demonstrate masculine traits. Know the dichotomy.

Do not dilute yourself with political correctness.

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