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RSS Ayden724

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1 point

The reason I personally think NAFTA isn't any good is because of the job lose in the United States. About 61% of job loss that requires manufacturing and/or factory was caused by NAFTA because of cheaper labor in Mexico. Another thing is that sooner or later they could even be paid the same as our workers which in turn in their country is worth a lot more than our workers are getting pain right now.

2 points

I think we should keep the articles of confederation for a multitude of reasons. One of them being the possibility of the government abusing their power and this affecting the people negatively. For the example the constitution is way to vague to understand so next thing you know the government could take advantage of that and slowly take land, to much tax, etc... the possibilities are endless. Sure the articles of confederation aren't perfect but a a bit of work and we're in business.

1 point

They can hate the US all they but if they strike the US will strike back. Plus moving out of South Korea and Japan will lose the US two allies with a possible threat looming around the corner isn't a good idea. And who doesn't say they possible take South Korea and Japan at force because they cant threaten them with nuclear weapons? Then the US will have more on their plate of people that hate them and another problem to deal with. Also if the US moved out what would other countries think about it? Possibly weak and could take advantage of that idea and pin it on the US.

2 points

Option (1)

Hey personally I would go with option 1 but many people would disagree but just hear me out. Don't you find it weird ever since Russia stopped backing North Korea up they still hate us still today? I mean they really have no reason to and only been threatening us mostly. In my opinion North Korea is kind of like a child with a hand grenade so lets take it now before that grenade goes off. I mean some countries might look at us in shame maybe like since they trade with North Korea but South Korea and Japan would be thankful I image (if they don't get nuked in the process).

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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