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1 point

Then you would pretty much ruin the future of the past you cause he would know what he will look like in the future and he might not like what he sees lol

1 point

Lol instead of doing that shouldn't you just avoid the situation and move away as you would know that your friend was going to be pushed onto you it would save u money even though an ice cream isn't much.

19 points

I say anime is better because it has a more matured content than cartoons and follows a certain plot, is drawn with great detail and contains deep themes.Anime consists of many things like violence and you probably think it is bad but this is why it is not for young kids its more for the mature people like the age group of 10+,but anime can also be for kids there are many animes that are more childish and contain no violence or profanity.Don't get me wrong i used to love cartoons growing up as a kid, but i would just prefer anime more.


5 points

Doctors should get paid more because they save people's lives including footballers as many footballers have had leg injuries and other injuries but have been cured due to doctors.Another reason is that while the footballers were about 9 month old doctors insured that the child got the treatment and things he needs also while they were growing up they must of got sick or very ill and some point of there life and who them...yes doctors so basically some footballers have become who they are thanks to doctors who have help them threw out there childhood.Also is some countries hospitality is free of charge where as in every country you have to pay for tickets just to watch a football match.

1 point

You can just keep it in your bag or suitcase and you would take your suitcase or bag with you wherever you go on the trip so if you have your suitcase or bag you have your keys

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Winning Position: Anime is better
Winning Position: Doctors should get paid more

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