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RSS Jadetiger11

Reward Points:26
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Jadetiger11(26) Clarified
1 point

Well I don't believe in that stuff, and my parents know that. One reason I could read it was because my older brother already did. I don't know what he said for them to agree.

1 point

Hahahaha. I don't think so. XD But I do like the color gray!

1 point

Actually I do read Harry Potter.My family isn't very strict about that stuff.

1 point

The majority of the US believes in God.Including me.Plus it's the original.

1 point

Absolutely!I think everyone should read.It's also very efficient in learning.Before I read the Percy Jackson books I didn't even know who Apollo was!Plus it really fires up your imagination.And it can help you be a better writer and speller.I'm the best speller in my family because I read so much.

2 points

I'm not very eager to start driving,but I know people who do.If it was raised to 18 a lot of people would be mad.Plus it's kind of embarrassing to be driven by your mom everywhere when your 16.I hope it stays 16.

2 points

I want to be an architect.I want to read the blood of Olympus.I want to try a deep fried oreo.I want to not throw up after eating a deep fried oreo.

3 points

Yes its God's word!What's better to learn from than the guy who created you? I can't believe no is winning.I mean he knows everything.So yes it is a very good source for morals.

1 point

I love vanilla!I don't like too much chocolate and it's a little too rich for me.But I still like chocolate!I appreciate you answering.

1 point

I like cats a little better because I can have someone to pet while I read.My cat usually doesn't ruin the book too much.But that doesn't mean I don't love dogs!!!!!!Plus cats are a lot less needy and way easier to take care of.Not too much of problem if you forget to feed them.They catch their own food.I speak from experience.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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