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While, of course, killing over 6 million people. Stalin is another example of this. "they have the interests of people in their hearts" is nonsense in cases like these. Stalin killed an estimated 34-50 million people. His own people. Interests of the people in their heart? Not so sure about this.

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Like anything, it normally depends on the situation, but in typical terms, Monarchy trumps Dictatorships. In may cases, a Dictatorship form of government evolves into a totalitarian type, which strives to have complete control of the people-- Their thoughts, idea, religion. A Monarchy, which can evolve into a dictatorship, usually gives a fair amount of freedom (compared to the average dictatorship) to the people. Of course, there are exceptions for everything. For example, a Monarch, who may rule as a totalitarian ruler, may be thrown over by a dictator, and thus a reform. However, in usual situations, Monarchy is better than a Dictatorship.

Winning Position: The origin of man

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