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RSS Umami

Reward Points:24
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I just did let you know that. Let me know when you stop being a hateful 13 year old brat.

Interesting, the more you suck the younger I seem to get.

1 point

Cool. Let me know when your music becomes tolerable enough to listen to without an ear-doctor close by.

1 point

Yes, ultimately that's your main problem.

You are a strange cookie Nom. You think being better is a problem? Maybe you should consider the possibility that it's only a problem for you because you are a jelly hater.

1 point

The more sure you are that you know the answer, the more of an idiot you probably are.

1 point

If you are ashamed of being human, that means you lack confidence, self esteem, ambition,

Actually I feel very superior to most humans and highly motivated to transcend human limitations and become a transhuman immortal god.

1 point

Were you not a fool, you would know that people who are like the KKK are not Christians. The Bible says you will know a Christian by their love. But you could not care less about the truth!

I love how everyone doing evil is not a "true" christian every time, but those who do evil in the name of Allah are supposedly "true" muslims. You are full of pro-christian and anti-islam double standards. There are parts of the Qur'an that talk about doing good deeds and whatnot, that doesn't change the parts that say gays are evil and to destroy the infidels.

Besides, you have it totally backwards because "True" Christians are radical anti-science bigots and always were. The only time Christianity has not been an oppressive and vile force in the world is when it was just starting out as a fringe cult and in the modern world where most predominantly christian countries have a much more tame version of Christianity due to our culture and legal system progressing beyond what it was when Christian tyranny was the norm in the west.

Umami(24) Clarified
1 point

The inherently radical nature of what ALL the Abrahamic religions are if the texts were followed word for word instead of the "picking and choosing" you often see in modern times has been tamed in the west by the legal and government systems themselves becoming largely secular. Those radical christians you speak of are more rare and even if they are extremists they are less likely to act on it because it is not socially acceptable, which has nothing to do with Christianity itself being less inherently extreme or violent than Islam. The reason Islam seems more radical is because the government itself is radically Islamic in many muslim countries. If there was a christian fundamentalist government it would be just as extreme and oppressive but as it stands most countries where christians are the majority have more modern secular standards of morality and legality than the "stone gays and burn scientists at the stake" mentality that you saw when the church was in power.

2 points

Btw the coward seems to have banned me and that's why I made this debate. I obviously triggered him when I implied that Islamic regimes have been less radical than most christian ones in the past.

2 points

This guy is genuinely stupid. Trump wouldn't last 5 minutes on the streets of Iran before an angry mob swarmed him and beat him to death.

0 points

truth hurts doesn't it!

The truth is that the Christian church brutally killed people for things like being gay etc. and it was the sunni muslims who introduced the idea of "fixing" them instead of killing them to the christians.

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Winning Position: "If Trump ran for President in Iran, he would probably win in a landslide"-FW
Winning Position: Christianity only appears less "radical" than Islam because the west has secularized
Winning Position: Is Trump going to be brought to justice for his war crimes?

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