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1 point

If its about school uniforms I support. Because uniform is good thing which hides social statuses and make children focus more on study. In our society youth depends from others opinion. For example, young people at school or at university have faced the problem "what to wear today" especially girls. So, when all students are dressed in regulation uniforms, there is less focus on fashion in the classroom and more focus on learning.

1 point

Actually we all are not Bill Gates, so we have to study at school rather to build foundational knowledge of success!

1 point

In my point of view they can not be!) They can be just mates, but can not be friends. Sooner or later the feelings and emotions will take over. I say this according to my experiences. Now I have girl "friend" we are friends even best friends, at least I think so. Sometimes thoughts completely capture me. Thoughts like how she is beautiful and so amazing, the girl in my dreams and I look her as mother of my future children and I will be fully loser if I will not marry her. But I`m afraid to just say her "I fell in love with you" becuase I can be refused. I know her type, and this type is exactly not me! So I try not to meet her so often. Because feelings and emotions hurt. If we can just meet with each other is this really friendship?! The advise, If you are looking for friendship do not look there wherever it`s exist!

2 points

I think yes, its good an idea. Because additionally eyes of security for safety of city will not be extra. First of all its decreasing of crime. I can present an example, In my city where I`m living in some period of time was high rate of GopStop, it kind crime when group of people at deserted place beating a man and take all of his stuff. After puting security cameras significantly decreased. As an example also we can take Singapore. There the number of thefts and robberies practically equal to zero. So I think security cameras played noticeable role of such results. Also I want to add that cameras will help to keep in clean the cities. As we all know for throwing garbage will punish by the penalties. I`m sure after few years people will be as law-abiding citizens and will be used to keep in clean the city. Anyway, I do not see there are some bad sides of puting security cameras everywhere.

2 points

In my point of view countries should have nuclear weapons. And I have some reasons why. First of all its just political power that should have every country to be sure and to protect their future. We do not know when the next war will begin it could begin now or tomorrow(God forbid!) and the nuclear weapons is only way to solve such cases without bloodshed. I think every head of the country is enough smart and won’t risk his nation and country to start and to be responsible for beginnig of nuclear war. If the country has its own weapon other countries will knew that this country is protected, and its people will be confident for a bright future. So I think the nuclear weapons is some kind of insurance! For example USA bombed Hiroshima and Japan wasn’t ready for this and such danger threatens for those countries which haven’t it’s own nuclear weapon. The another reason is a war for resources. I suppose that the next war will be for resources. And the country which hasn’t nuclear weapon can easily be a victim! Actually I'm completely against having a nuclear, but unfortunately it's a necessary thing in our times!

1 point

I`m also didn`t understand at all at the beginnig, but after your explaining I got the meaning. So I like this poem, maybe because of I haven`t got some abilities of writing such things and I always admire ones who has got.

1 point

I disagree with you because we can't rule other's life. And I think on one wants to die, it's no matter could you recover or not you have to live.

1 point

I'm not saying that we should never use social networking. It's ok if people use it to develop and improve their skills, but actually it isn't. Mostly people use social networking just to make fun. They watch stupid videos, playing some unnecessary online games, typing meaningless dialogs, abusing each others and etc. If you using it in right way you're welcome!

1 point

Sorry, if you didn't notice I mentioned about children. And how little child can be confident, sociable? These skill we practicing by years of experience. And social networks and in general all Internet staffs make it slow. Because converse in front of monitor can not be experience!

1 point

Hello everybody! Im against to Social Networks. Because its negatively influences on our psyche and some mental abilities, especially children`s. And it can lead to some psychological disorders. Such as narcissistic, antisocial behavior, the different type of mania and aggressive behavior. For example: I`m sitting in Facebook and I typed a maesage to a beautiful girl, however she didn`t answer me and it make me to be angry. Also it might make my self-concept decrease. Same situation about photos, I put a new picture on me main page of Facebook. But my picture take not so many "like" that I expected. Though I have so many friends in Facebook, and my self-concept drops down. So we can tell about disadvantages more than advantages. So do not spend time sitting on Social Networks take up your ass from chair and start to live!

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