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RSS Fullajoy365

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1 point

I agree that smoking, sex and drinking are illegal for children under 18 but these things are not the kind of crimes the cities are trying to get our children to stop doing. I believe it is crimes of vandelism, crimes of shoplifting, and crimes of destruction to personal property. The things you mentioned should be controlled by parents. I also agree with you that having a curfew when you are 18 is obsurd because if you can vote then you are officially an adult. I do believe though that the curfew laws are for children under that age so your arguement would be unwarranted.

1 point

So who protects the rest of us when parents do not do their job keeping their kids in?

1 point

I would have to dissagree with you to a point. I believe there would be less crime but I believe it is not the teenager that are the pediphiles. I believe those kinds of crimes are committed more by older adults. I need to check that to make sure I am right. I also do not think that being gay has anything to do with wether you are committing a crime or not.

1 point

I see that you are a bit upset because you happen to be a teen that does not get into trouble and I respect that. I also agree with you that it is the parents responsibility to parent. You say that you stay up late doing homework...well that is much different then being out in the streets not doing homework. I do not think that the teens that are out late at night are doing homework and are all good little children. No, not all teens cause trouble when they are out but many do and someone needs to protect us from them not children like you.

1 point

I am sure that this would be taken into consideration if you were stopped in these circumstances. Plus if you are hurt why don't you have a parent who knows that and why would your parent not be with you during this time of crises which would illiminate the need for a curfew. I would never send my teen to the store in the middle of the night. I wouldn't even go in the middle of the night unless there was an emergency and if there was an emergency I would not send my teen.

1 point

This immature thinking is the very reason teens need a curfew set by parents but if parents don't then the law should. Disobedience is not a reason to break the law! The rest of the world needs to be protected by the immaturity of teens.

1 point

I would have to disagree with you when you say that most crimes are committed by adults. If you lived in my neighborhood you would see that most of the neighborhood crimes are committed by teens. I believe that parents should restrict their children from being out late at night but if they do not care enough to put a curfew on thier childrne then the city needs to. The rest of the nieghborhood needs to be protected by teens causing trouble in the name of FUN! Yes, teens are looking for a thrill which is exactly why they need a curfew. If parents keep their children in at night then they have less opportunity to find a thrill by committing some kind of crime against someone or their property.

1 point

This comment is very interesting but when I did a little bit of research I have found that most curfews are for late at night on the weekends. I think for a lot of cities the time to be home is 12Am on the weekend and 11PM on the weeknights. This is very late in my opinion. I would not have my 16 year old out passed 10. Even if he goes to a party, which I know where it is and who is going to be there, he does not get to stay passed ten. I drop him off and pick him up because I care about him and do not want anything to happen to him and I do not want him having an opportunity to get into trouble. The later he stays out the more risk he runs into of getting into trouble. The later he is out the less adults are up watching what he does.

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