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RSS Redhat

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10 most recent arguments.
0 points

Dr. Oz apologizes for pushing 'trade-off' of reopening schools

1 point

Just curious... You think the Dems going on recess is WORSE than Oz saying it would be cool if 1.5 MILLION children get wiped out????

My understanding is that Dr. Oz is a Muslim and a Democrat, so you'd need to ask him.

-1 points

It's the same bill you refer to.

The Republicans didn't block an emergency bill this week. That's why you did not provide the link that was politely requested.

The Republicans wanna save small business, and the dems wanna save the workers..

If small businesses fail, who does that affect? Workers.

0 points

You need to stop mxing politics, and religion

Are prolifers




0 points

Should students be paid for performance in school?

They are paid with scholarships.

-1 points

I think the kids should stay at home, and they open up peoples' jobs slowly both at the same time.

0 points

May I see a link that talks about the bill that the Republicans just blocked please?

0 points

Dear Leader says China DID it TO us

Everyone says China did it to us except the media until their narrative fell apart.

1 point

Cuomo was supposed to be in quarantine but was found out and about by a "biker", according to Cuomo, who turned out to be an old, fat Democrat on a bicycle who filed a police report which was laughed at by cops until Cuomo collabarated it on his show.

1 point

CNN posts fake news about Elon Musk

The newsworthy thing would be if CNN started reporting facts.

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