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RSS Tallmonkey

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1 point

No. It's taxation.

The principal function of the state is to guarantee the security of markets, without which modern economy cannot function. The state does this by enforcing all sorts of contracts through its legal system, and through the use of military and civilian force to defend personal and corporate property rights. As importantly, the state creates and maintains infrastructure required for the movement of goods and services. Even social services provided by the state are principally directed toward the creation of useful labor for production.

Taxation is a point of connection between two mutually dependent systems.

1 point

If I could read minds then I would use my ability to read the mind of an aeronautical engineer so that I could learn the secret of the airplane. Best of both worlds.

1 point

This only makes sense if you can fly as fast as a car. If you could only fly as fast as you can walk then your expense would not change.

2 points

We need more Gina Caranos in the world. Maybe not so many Cyborgs, but that's more about steroid abuse than martial arts.

1 point

The best way to kill an elephant is to cut down all the trees in Africa and India, and then build houses on all the land. If we can pull that off, then all of the elephants will starve to death and they won't have a chance.

Otherwise, a .458 caliber Lott rifle, or even a .416 Rigby, is sufficient for the frontal brain shot on any elephant that walks. Very clean.

An AK47 can certainly kill an elephant, but it's going to make a hell of a mess, and may take thirty minutes or so. Given that the elephant is not likely to stand around waiting to die during that time... I'm all for zig-zagging.

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