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2E2 - It is easier to make friends in social networking sites such as Facebook than usual


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Mind if I butt in?

With the click of the mouse, you can easily add a friend on Facebook. In Facebook it would be much faster and convenient to make friends. Unlike in normal situations, it would be easier to for shy people who find it harder to speak up and introduce yourself, and what's more, there would be an awkward silence if you two can't find anything to talk about. In Facebook, since technically it is all silent, it won't feel odd, or uneasy to just type.

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It does not really matter if your friend likes you or even know you at all, since MY definition of a 'friend' is basically an acquaintance, or just basically anyone with any kind of relations to you whatsoever. It does not matter if your friend is a good one or otherwise.

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When others think that your friends may have bad intentions, we can easily delete them away, again with the click of the mouse. Just as long as you can practice some cyber wellness, you are practically protected by the computer screen, so the stranger would have no physical contact with you.

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I suck at having conversations and shit online. I do it, but the main problem is I fail to put out the complexity of my personality in chat boxes.

So in all actuality, it's easier for me to make friends IRL.

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I agree. Words alone can't always do me justice.

At least that's what I like to believe...

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I just notice how easy it is for people to hate me online but how easy it is for people to like me IRL.

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All my friends are from real life, not Facebook, it's pretty impossible considering how tons of different peopel all jammed up on one site, hard to find the friends that suit you, plus Facebook shows pictures and stuff, okay that's great, but I think real life would give a better representation of the person(s).

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Yes yes, i believe that meeting friends through online friend-making websites like facebook and friendstersis a dangerous way of meeting friends as the "friends" you make is sometimes a bad guy or someone you totally do not know. It could be an old lecher or somebody bad that is out to harass you or invade your privacy. Another reason is that making friends through Facebook will allow your friends to view your profile photos and if the bad guys ever invade your privacy, your photos are in the hands of theirs.

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AfiqAnwar(10) Disputed
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You can easily delete them. You have the righst to do so if you fell the slightest sense of discomfort. Practice some cyber wellness and you would be completely safe.

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Friends! FRIENDS!

Listen, for all I know I've been debating one 12 year old autistic kid with multiple personalities.

I mean, a friend will pick me up at Barstow at 3am after I get rolled by a hooker and her pimp... so which one of you is coming to pick me up? huh? That's what I thought ;)

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