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Because Western women are becoming masculine, men are looking for gals overseas


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If men are so fragile they need to look for meek women to feel masculine, then it works out well for the Western women. We want a partner, not a master.

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Preach it, Mint!

Only a wuss wants a weak wife.

Only an idiot wants one who is not smarter than him.

Only a short-sighted fool would have a problem with a wife who makes more money than him.

According to the MGTOW sites and YouTube channels I have looked at, the attraction of women from overseas is they lack the attitude of entitlement that is common among American women.

I don't think this has anything to do with chauvinism or the sexism of third wave feminism. Rather, I think it is based in the problem that Americans in general, and millennial Americans to an even greater degree, are notoriously spoiled and selfish.

It is not unreasonable to look overseas if one wants to find a potential wife (younger than 70) who is not spoiled and entitled, and who likes strong and masculine men.

I am not saying there are not such women in the US, but they are increasingly rare....

As are hardworking, honorable, and masculine men who still know that responsibilities are more important than rights.

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