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Brontoraptor Is A Great Example Of How You Can Fail At Life

No wife, no job, no legs.

Sits on the internet all day quoting Mussolini.



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But Mah Narrative

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LOL! He's trying to downvote all my posts again, bless him, but he can't even manage to do that effectively!!! He's so slow I can upvote four times by the time it takes him to downvote once.

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Amarel(4988) Clarified
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How do you counter his multiple accounts and upvote four times with your one account?

Hey, call upstairs and tell your folks the Internet says Hi.

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outlaw60(15501) Disputed
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Have you figured out science in the last couple of days ? I must say all the trees are dying so when will our oxygen run out ??????????

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I can upvote four times by the time it takes him to downvote once.

So how do you do that Burrito? Give us a step by step explanation.

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I always appreciate compliments from 40 year old unemployed men who play Skyrim all day and call people Nazis. Your participation despite your mental disabilities is very honorable.

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