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 Cuaroc keeps copying and posting other's arguments for points. Post on the original debate (26)

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Cuaroc keeps copying and posting other's arguments for points. Post on the original debate

You must look at the name of the creator when you open new debates. If it says Cuaroc, it is probably a copy. He is incapable of creating his own debates. I think school drop out might explain it, but I'm not sure the dysfunction.
Just look down the new debate list a fews lines and you will they see the identical argument title written by someone who is capable of responding to your post.
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2 points

Cuaroc gets on stage, I hear boo after boo,

The boos are due to his low IQ,

Poor kid probably gets abused,

He plays games simply to lose,

I tried to picture myself living life in his shoes,

But the picture was so dull I got confused,

One day his brain'll be on sale for a high price "brand new, never been used".

They say ignorance is bliss,

Copy paste, hit and miss,

Kid got no talent so he resorts to this,

Poor retard, probably drinks his piss,

Feel sorry for this mother,

Not for giving birth to his brother,

But for giving birth to a baby with such a big head; ego larger than any other.

He fucks with you, he fucks with me,

He fucks with Dana, it's plain to see,

He's out to troll people who troll,

But he's the most awful troll of all,

No originality,

Simply minded Chimp imitating humanity,

If he copy pastes me, troll career fatality,

Let's wreck this bitch with our superior mentality.

2 points

I'm not saying I agree with this, but it is pretty fucking funny.

2 points

i got a word for you homie; dust

Crust .

Atrag(5550) Disputed
1 point

You aee both pathetic. Him for copying and pasting and you more so for posting over and over how much it pisses you off. Many both of you should get a life.

instig8or(3308) Disputed
2 points

You aee reetaedeed xD

2 points

" many both of you" LOOOOOOOOOOOOL Learn to write idiot.

I've noticed there are a couple of posters who copy and paste your comments, then try to use them against you. I call them the snipers: they lie in wait, then try to shoot you down by nitpicking your comments rather than posting their own thoughts. These types seldom bring much to the table.

1 point

I'll bet you one upvote that he will copy me. .

Yeah, you know I think that we need to invest in the future and spend more on education, what do you think?


I am kind of hoping that he copies and pastes this debate as well. I would find it really ironic.