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 David Cameron a good PM or a terrible one? (6)

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David Cameron a good PM or a terrible one?

Euro crises being the main issue of judgement. How he allowed Sarkozy and Merkel take control having little or no impact

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I dislike Cameron because whenever I see him debating in the House of Commons on BBC Parliament, he often seems to dispute people who question him through insults.

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I watched him today funny enough and i couldn't agree more. But that doesn't make him a bad PM though?

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I don't like his attitude. He treats the House of Commons as if it was a school playground and doesn't seem to give it the respect it deserves.

Shittier than an Indian with diarrhea, but still better than Labour.

Remember kids, under the tories, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But under labour, everybody gets poorer!

GeneralLee(134) Disputed
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Labour reminds me of Democrats. ;)

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Terrible. Then again, if the economy was in a bad position with any PM, we'd hate them too.