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Did the crucifixion of Yeshua constitute a civil rights, violation?


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There should have been people protesting on the streets, looting, rioting, building burning and a call to defund the Roman army ;)

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You point out something interesting. Yeshua could technically riot like a gangsta, but He chose not to, because He was Faithful, unto death, and He did not stop being, Faithful. Yeshua, loves, you.

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How about that time He threw a temper tantrum in the temple ;)

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No. There were no "civil rights" then. You had the right to do as you were told and donate to the upper crust. They had the right to kill or torture you if you didn't.

It's the world ol' Rumpy wanted and his lawyer guy thinks they still have. You know, "Take him out at dawn and shoot him, he didn't do what we expected of him"! He didn't support the KING! That's about as close to "Biblical" as a Trumpian gets!

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Yes there were. Rights are given by God, not government, and can't be taken away. Yeshua had the right to live, due process, legal representation, not to have cruel and unsual punishment, to have religious liberty, to have free speech. Yeshua, who is God and Lord, was treated as a Slave, and He still loves His oppressers.

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AlofRI(3274) Clarified
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Those "rights given by God" were NOT accepted by the government of that time, many are not accepted by governments of THIS time. Slaves, workers of today are supposed to "love their oppressors" today? Slaves (and workers) have for years prayed to this "god" for deliverance, to shake their bonds, to have a life! Millions have died and/or suffered. How can they .... or YOU, believe in a "god" that allows such things to happen?? That allows the slavers and abusive capitalists to continue to get rich, to live opulent lives at the expense of their slaves or workers?? THEY have no intention of making other's lives easier, letting them have a fair share of what they earn. Your "god" is missing in action! Has turned his back for centuries and WE are still fighting for rights! You're saying we must DIE before we "live in the promised land"??

This "god and lord" is, if nothing else, guilty of mass negligence! I see NO reason to believe in a "god" who lets his "creations" suffer for centuries. The thought of it being a "loving god" under those circumstances is ridiculous! (And unbelievable)!

"Rights are given by God, not government"?? Where have those "rights" been for centuries, for those who needed them?? For those who STILL need them!? Well, she says, "We have to die to obtain "his" promises". As I said, ridiculous.

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Civil rights didn't exist then. There was never a guarantee of equal protection under the law at the time nor was there protections under the law for race or religion. In Roman times there was a Praetor who, acting like a common day legal attorney, would take a complaint from citizens and investigate them, ultimately deciding to bring it before a judge or not. As advanced as they were in the legal system (and given the times they were) it was still highly biased with torture often used as a means to gather evidence. And forget fair trial, often times the emperor could give a verdict so it depended on who was in his favor.

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