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Nahhh, who the fuck cares?? Yes.. We CARE
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If you're IN jail ON suicide watch, is there a camera on you?

Nahhh, who the fuck cares??

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Yes.. We CARE

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''As far as I know, I don't know''.

I was hoping you could throw some light on the hara-kiri kenmei.

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SUPER STUPID you LEFTIST sure love you some PEDOPHILES ! But don't you care deeply for the CHILDREN ???????????

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Why are you bringing up your past? .

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Researched it for you.

Apparently he was on suicide watch up until recently.

Also, his social events! were attended by by such V.I.Ps as Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump as well as countless other big-wigs.

So, think about this;- ''dead men tell no tales''.

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