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Is it GOOD to be in a YUGE trade war with China?


I don't know diddly squat about trade.. You?



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It'll be a YUGE success for the U.S.

The Chinese are a clever people and will have realized by now that the one sided game is up and they are now in a 'damage limitation' process.

Their long played out game is as old as commerce itself.

Flood your main competitor's market with goods at below cost price then sit back and watch their manufacturing base disappear like snow off a ditch in the winter sun.

After successfully eliminating the competition you increase your prices to standard market levels then sit at your desk with a satisfied smirk on your face analyzing your company's profit and loss accounts and noting how your company's profits have gone through the roof.

Yes sirree Bob, President trump is in the process of establishing a level playing field with all the nations, not only China, trading with the United States.

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Is it GOOD to be in a YUGE trade war with China?

No, but like many things, doing nothing ends with results worse than the temporary results of doing something.

China screws everyone because they are allowed to. They are bluffing because they are used to the US never making them pay a price.

If I were China, I'd play nice until Trump leaves, then go back to screwing us.

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