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Is the earth flat?

Please sue scientific evidence only no conspiracies.


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Yes, for those who haven't rode an airplane.

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MargoOliver(1) Disputed
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Hi, I am Oliver. I am an author of Ph.D. free essays and articles. I don't think that flat-Earthers have ever traveled somewhere with a plane. Plus the Earth isn't completely like a perfect ball. The gravity pushes against the Earth, making it look more like an egg.

Supporting Evidence: Free Essay (
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Honestly, if the earth is flat, then why are no other planets in the solar system flat? You can see the moon, right? Also, explain to me the day - night cycle then. Why is it daytime in only some places if the earth is flat? Also, explain seasons to me then. Is it always winter and nighttime on the bottom side of the 'flat earth,' or does the earth flip like a pancake every day? This is such a stupid debate, it's obvious that the earth is not flat.

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Mingiwuwu(1467) Clarified
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If you're a genuine member let me know. If you're a 'post and run' type, let me know by not responding so I don't waste effort proving you wrong.

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Kardz22(22) Disputed
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Hi, OP here Im free to debate anyone on anything if you dont get a reply from the poster I am free to prove that the earth isnt flat.

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No, Because we've seen pictures of the other planets and guess what, there all round, So why do you think the world would be flat and all the other would be round.

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No, the earth is not flat.

Lines of evidence: satellites/space junk, constellation visibility, seasons, coriolis effect, predictable lunar eclipses, commercial airline routes, etc., etc.

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If the earth is flat, why does my life keep going downhill

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