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It's Super Bowl Sunday! Are/Did You Watching the Game?


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Yes, I am watching. I quite liked the Madonna half time performance.

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A bit, here and there. I watched alot of commercials ;) M&M;commercial was by far the best.

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Of course no doubt i myself love football and i can't miss it!

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1.) I live in Australia

2.) I'm more of a football fan (soccer as you would call it)

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Im actually from New England but lament the fact that sports is so popular and distracts from more productive recreational activities. I played football in high school but never really liked it. I also never liked sitting on my ass and watching other people strive. Think about it - Millions of people sitting around getting fat on snacks and beer while ~100 people engage in actual physical exertion. I get the thrill of the ocasional game, but constant interest and learning about player stats and names etc...

Most people dont even know how evolution occurs or how the universe progressed from the big bang to now. Sports taken to the level of fanaticism, in my mind, prevents at least in some measure the collective body of knowledge. Too many people are distracted by things that dont really matter. Many people are oblivious to the physical processes that brought their existence about and what allows them to sustain themselves (eating and breathing). Its sad really. Im not saying that we should get rid of sports, just stop the obsession with it and learn more about more.

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I don't really care for sports at all.

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