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Self pity will destroy a person. Yes or no?


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I am actually annoyed by victims of past events(20yrs plus , can be minimal depending on the degree of havoc) who seem to not be able to move on and blame others for their misfortune when there are many opportunities before them to explore and make positive changes in their lives.

With that holding.

I also know you are refering to blacks who are symbolised with self pity and blame their misfortunes on past slavery and racism.

But here is a totally different case where racism against blacks still exists globally.

Unlike rape victims that experienced such a horrific situation within an hour of a day, these blacks experience racism on daily basis globally.(Like being raped everyday)

How can you recover from an attack you keep experiencing in your everyday life?

My black lecturer had a white collar job in mexico/brazil where he puts on suit and tie in a reputable office but the coconut sellers exhibited certain attitudes to him to imply their superiority to him for the mere reason of they having a brighter skin than his instead of comparing how bright they are in knowledge or intelligence???

If this guy(my lecturer) screams racism, is it truly racism or self pity?

You should be realistic here.... racism against blacks is not dead...

People are denied job opportunities for being black.

There are black poor people yes, but when he screams racist at a white man, he is not blaming him for his poverty but because that is what he truly is.

The wolves play hypocrite of their own secret passion to devour and keep calling the antelopes self serve as a cover, justification,distraction for their real evil intentions.

People are racist in their hearts and minds but are tactical about how to let it out of their lips. They find so many terms of justification which however can never errode the truth

"Out of the abundance of the heart the mout speaks."

Antrim says detroit and chicago are crushing because the city is highly populated by blacks.....

is he also aware both the mayors are white?

They didn't vote for black men but whites......

Who is the major controller of the economic well being of a city or country??

White Mayors or black people??(could this even be a sabotage by the white mayors to demonise blacks? This is a strong allegation i wouldn't like to dive in myself.......)

And whether mayors or black people, i have more comparisons....outlaw be must aware by now.

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In my opinion, self pity leads to destruction of self confidence, one must realize that he/she should be ready to face any set of situations, at any moment of time. The aim should be to make the situation better, not whining about it, because all it does is makes the task apparently more difficult and reduces performance by destroying self confidence.

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I didn't watch your video either.

But I used to be in a relationship with a self pitier. Needless to say it was pitiful. I will never be that myself, and I will make sure my kids don't go down that road either.

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Yes, I think people who wallow in self pity should feel sorry for themselves.

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Hello bront:

I didn't watch your video.. I never do.. But, self pity doesn't get you anywhere.

I gather your video has something to do with black people.. I don't think black people feel self pity.. I think they feel ANGER. I don't blame 'em.. You do???

Look.. Indians were treated miserably by the government.. Are you angry at them for it, or do you feel self pity??


PS> What??? You want me to be politically correct and refer to you as a Native American???? Nahh... Trump is right.. Political correctness SUCKS.

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Self pity will not destroy an individual, but it will block many paths to success, leading to achievement far below potential.

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