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Should U.S Citizens be Forced to Quarter Soldiers During Peacetime?

The 3rd Amendment says no person is forced to quarter a soldier during peacetime. Do you think this rule should be changed?


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Hello M:

Repealing an amendment that isn't being used is a waste of time.. I think congress has better things to do, like starting impeachment proceedings.


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No. If someone did agree to quarter a soldier during peace time they should be able to choose of course and meet the person who they would be housing. My first responsibility is to my children and their safety, being a soldier by no means attests to a strangers mentality and honor. Forcing someone to take in a total stranger, especially in peacetime, is an intrusion.

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It's to stop the abuses of power that soldiers would historically commit, forcing citizens to house and feed them while they made advances on the wives and daughters of the occupants.

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The key word is "forced". You can voluntarily quarter a soldier. It's just the government can't show up at your front door and say take this squad of soldiers into your home and give them a place to sleep and feed them, or else you're a traitor and we'll take your home by force.

There is no reason to change this rule.

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Grenache(6103) Clarified
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Side note. I always found it funny that "quartering" means giving room and board but the old "drawn and quartered" meant tearing someone limb from limb.

Maybe if quartering a soldier had the older meeting then governments would be so eager to force them into your homes.

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