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Big bucks They'll do it again $$$
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The irony that big pharma had vaccine ready as soon as the left let the virus loose

Big bucks

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They'll do it again $$$

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Yes buddy!!! Big pharma is literally in bed with the guys who want to take all their money away and redistribute it to the poor and needy!!! Only the fascists can save you from this communist outrage!! Yada, yada, yada.

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Politicians preaching Communism take money from big pharma lobbyists. We can see their taxes in America. It's public record. Communists say things like, "if you want to be a millionaire, write a book like I did". Then they buy 3 large homes. Communists say things like "black lives matter. Donate to our cause". Then they become millionaires over night, and no black person ever sees a dime of the donations. They have no interest in taking away the rich's money. They're just lucky that some retard like you laps it up like a dog and believes millionaires will ever give up the means of production to anyone other than themselves. You're a gullable, naive dumbass who's just stupid enough to fall for the scam.

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