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Top 10 reasons you should eat your vegetables

1 Vegetables are more nutrient dense than meat
2 Vegetables don't rot in your colon and serve as a breeding ground for cancer
3 Vegetables are good for you
4 vegetables taste good
5 vegetables and fruits have much more variety than other foods
6 vegetables will cure all disease
7 vegetables don't cause disease unlike meat and dairy which is responsible for all leading causes of death
8 because I said so
9 because if you don't then you are a donkey bitch
10 vegetables will balance your chakra flow


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Donkey Bitch

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The common belief that you need to eat meat in order to be healthy is a total myth.

I'd go so far as to say it is a lot healthier to go without meat.

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They are also super delicious fried in butter with bacon. :p

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