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 What is your favourite animal and why? (12)

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What is your favourite animal and why?

I have always liked wolves best because they are smart, strong and function well in packs or alone. Oh and they look cool:D. I am curious to how many side with me and how many animals we can get up here.

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I like Narwhals.


PyroWolf(54) Clarified
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Narwhals? Hmm, interesting choice but you need more than just because they're sea unicorns:D I mean wolves are way better than narwhals in the idea that they used to eat unicorns (it is in stories:P). What makes narwhals special??

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Sorry it triple posted because my computer is really slow

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I like hobbies. They are a small bird of prey that is so agile and quick it hunts dragonflies. I have seen footage of it hunting and it is really amazing

I also like Amur Leopards, they are so beautiful and great hunters but so close to extinction

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The animals i like are.

1. Humans, who can't llike them?

2. Dog, they provide companionship.

3. Goats, they can eat anything.

If the animals can be from myth.

1. The Phenoix, fire!

2. Dragons, flying fire!

3. Centaur, Horse men!

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2 - 6 I agree with but I believe humans on a whole need a good kick in the pants. Considering how we are supposedly the smartest animals on earth why are we the ones making the biggest mistakes. I'm human and so not proud of it, we have done little to make it worth the collective term. Person's who do good deeds and are humane I like, people on a whole just disappoint me.

Oh and yes everyone, mythological animals are allowed:D Who knows, they might have been real once.

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Wow. This is an intelligent man/woman people..! Everyone going on about how the human race is the most fantastic and how we have achieved so much. Well, if we're that clever, how come we're slowly driving ourselves to extinction, and whilst knowing perfectly well what we're doing, do nothing about it! Our population s going up, who cares, lets have 16 kids! We're destroying other species, who cares, i get a nice new sports car. We're melting the ice caps, and will drown out the planet. Who cares, as long as i get more makeup and shit. People, the human race is a disaster. What i see as an evolutionary mistake! We have no miens of attacking, we have no sharp claws, no good senses, not really physically fit, we have little fur. And we bread like hell. We, the humans, are the ultimate prey. The only thing that makes us intelligent, is the fact our brain has lots of folds in it, so it has the surface area about the same size of a small yoga ball! (about 70cm diameter.)

Oiden(396) Clarified
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I agree, many of us need to me kicked in the pants but there are nice people out there, and i wouldn't beable to live without a human at my side.

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Goats, they can eat anything. I totally support that answer.

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lol I side with you I love wolves for those reasons, I also like tigers since they hunt alone well, and wolverines for there strength :)

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Sorry it triple posted because my computer is really slow

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Wolves. They are the ultimate animal. Not only do they have the correct physical structure to survive in nearly every terrain, but the way they hunt in packs, and live in their family's is sweet. Not many animals stay with their partners after mating! Must say though,i like all animals. Not many exceptions!

I say Orcas (killer whales). They are the top predators in the ocean/sea. They are magnificent beautiful animals. (they eat white shark) :D

Live their colors and how they well coordinate their attack on their prey :)

I like a dolphin because they swim so gracefully. Also, I am a fan of Flipper.