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Who Would Win: 1996 Bulls Or 2017 Warriors?


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The 1996 Bulls.

1)The Warriors have no player like Jordan.

2)Steve Kerr (the Warriors now coach) would be playing for the bulls and cancelling out Curry.

3)Pippen would cancel out Durant.

4)The Warriors have no one like Rodman and would get killed by the physicality and sheer will of the Bulls.

5)I watched them both in real time. It isn't close.

6)Wake me when Curry wins 6 championships without losing any.

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Dennis Rodman could maybe shut down Steph Curry of Klay Thompson, and Scottie Pippen is one of the few players with the size and agility to slow down Kevin Durant. Michael Jordan is an offensive powerhouse, so he could score enough to give them a win.

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Bulls because the bulls ran arguably one of the hardest offenses to defend back then and if they ran it now it would be way more effective because in the current NBA not really any teams play defense they are all just worried about offense and how many points they can score in four quarter. The Bulls also actually play defense that could limit all the warriors to way less points than they can get now and that even means Curry would also be averaged to about 5 or 10 points.

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FromWithin(8240) Clarified
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The Warriors have three players who should be double teamed with Curry, Durant and Thompson. The bulls had one player Jordan who needed to be double teamed.

The warriors offense is just to fluid and pass oriented to stop, Durant can drive, stop and shoot, three point shooter, and is now playing great defense and the 2nd leading shot blocker in league.

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We will never konw, but my bet is on the Warriors.

Curry is the all time greatest pure shooter I've ever seen.

He is already ninth on all time list of three point shots made, and that is with less than 600 games played!

All the others on that list accomplished their three point totals after 2000 games!

Dennis Rodman hung arond the basket to get rebounds. He would not have chased Curry all over the court.

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You do have a point. I am still for the Bulls though. Rodman has been called the best defender ever.

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Thanks for banning the insulting fool.........................................................

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kalibjason(4) Disputed
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This is false because i don't think it matters where Curry shoots from the Bulls also had the size the warriors don't necessarily have the size to match up against the Bulls even though both teams are as talented as they are.

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FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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The warriors simply have too many shooters. You can't guard them all.

The warriors also have a good bench and a great defense.

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filba(1) Disputed
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I disagree, I'm all with Bulls because I think there is no one like Michael Jordan and with Toni Kuko─Ź, I think they can match Green too.

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This question all depends on the time period. I am just gonna assume that we are talking about today. If it is today's league, there is no way the Bulls could keep up with the Warriors scoring. On defense, they would not be able to play physical, and they would not be able to stay in front of the players, allowing guys like Steph Curry to drive to the hoop. Then the Warriors on defense may not be able to stop the Bulls easily either, but they would just trade three's for two's. As good as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman were, they cannot shoot the three ball efficiently.

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Warriors .

Warriors stronger than any other team ,They are strongest team in basketball history . If bulls battle Warriors they might be lose ,They are overwhelmed pure shooter such as curry ,Thompson,Durant .

additionally Warriors has green and Cousins .Those two player overwhelmed Rodman.Cousins also known as a good shooter ,He is not pure shooter but he can get 30 point in the game ,He also record 10 rebound 8 assist whatever Rodman play hardly . M.J record over 30 point and Pippen too, but Warriors will win

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