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Democrats are better Republicans definatley
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Who are better democrats or REPUBLICANS

I want to know how many different parties there on here just curious. Dont answer if you get offended by the question lol, just saying you don't have to answer if you dont want to.

Democrats are better

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Republicans definatley

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Hello A:

Uhhh, the Democrats.. You have to look no further than the Republicans EMBRACE of Nazis and white supremacists...


Side: Democrats are better
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Donald Trump's whole family are Jews. Was this what CNN told you to think this week? What happened to Russia? Oh yeah, that is blowing up in their face, so they've switched to take down the statues and call everyone a Nazi. In a month they'll switch to a new party line, and you'll happily revert, switch narratives as necessary, and march in step.

Side: Republicans definatley
mrcatsam(589) Disputed
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But trump hasn't said anything about that..... Steve Bannon, being the sinister anti-Semite that he is, consistently degrades trumps family. Even I think that's mean...

Side: Democrats are better
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I'm independent. But I voted on the Democrat side of your debate because you put Republicans in ALL CAPS and you chose a Republican elephant as your debate avatar, which smacks to me of trying to stack the debate in favor of the Republicans.

Side: Democrats are better
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It's free speech you could've went with any side. Feel free whatever you want.

Side: Republicans definatley

I'm a moderate conservative that doesn't affiliate with any party. The Republican party will put a gun to your head and demand your wallet. The Democratic Party will smile, shake your hand and steal your wallet while you aren't looking. This makes the Republicans the better of two evils simply because they'll be honest with you that they are greedy thieves. The Democrats will be greedy thieves, but will try to convince you that they are your good friend while banging your wife and harvesting your bank account. We are trying to get more real conservatives elected, so don't vote for Jeff Flake in Arizona or Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. Vote for the other Conservative runners like Kelly Ward (Arizona).

Side: Republicans definatley
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I live in the UK and due to the recent election drama (in the uk), the queen is on course to threaten Britain's democracy as she already has, plus the royal family are born into power, unlike the rest of society which removes total freedom of career choice which is necessary in a democratic country, don't give a flying shit if it's tradition.

Side: Republicans definatley