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Change the words

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Why we scoff when the left says ''words mater'

Hello L

Words do INDEED mater, whatever the hell that word means..

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.


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Words do matter. Words are never politically neutral because words shape the way we think. Just look at all the words with racist beginnings many people use carelessly without even knowing they are being racist.

"Many common phrases often found in American English actually have racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive origins."

Then, someone calls them out on their unconscious racist words and they turn all White Fragility. All the sudden, the ignorant person gets really defensive and all these hurt feelings. We really need to change the words.

Take for example undocumented immigrant versus the old phrase of illegal immigrant. Undocumented is more respectful and not offensive. Illegal is disrespectful and offensive.

Another example post-infection immunity versus natural immunity. Post-infection immunity is the better word choice, because natural forms a health halo. Despite the fact that antibodies titers often don't form from post-infection immunity.

Supporting Evidence: 12 offensive phrases people still use. (
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